United Practitioners Organization, Inc.
Created to Help Massage Therapists & Florida PIP Patients
Fight for Their Right to Choose and Provide Medical
Treatment Under FL PIP Coverage.
Donations are needed now more than ever to keep this ball rolling in the direction of saving medical providers and patient rights!! Thank you one and all across the country who have donated so far!


I'll bet you're like me, all ready to spring into new beginnings! 


We wish we had great news to give you, but for now, no news is good news as we still wait to hear from the FL Supreme Court.

We hope you're keeping a finger on the pulse as to what is happening in Tallahassee during this Legislative Session to be sure they don't SPRING anything on us again! Like planting a garden, too much fertilizer can kill the growth, let's keep an eye on it to prevent it from once again being dumped in our garden!!

I will be in Tallahassee with the FL State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA) and Attorneys Luke Lirot and Adam Levine for Legislative Awareness Days; April 23 and 24 2014. I hope to see many of you there!

We promise to keep you posted on any and all of the latest happenings, as they happen, here and in emails. If you want to be on the PIP / Legislative Email update list just email me at: vivmahoney@yahoo.com and type "PIP LIST" in the Subject line:


If you are a Massage Therapist or other provider who wants to be on my Massage Insurance News-Letter list please click this link and sign in upper right corner.  Massage Insurance News-Letter

In the meantime our attorneys are still in need of payment for the many hours of outstanding work they have put forth to stand up for our rights! Won't you please help us to pay them by donating even a few dollars? Every dollar adds up to help us to let them know we are behind them as they are and have been behind us!!  THANK YOU!!

Sincere thanks too to each of you who have already donated and to those of you who are continuing to donate on a recurring basis. You have no idea how much this means to these two attorneys!! THANK YOU!!!



Vivian M. Mahoney, Pres United Practitioners Organization, Inc. 
Fighting for your rights! Won't you join us? Many thanks to those who have been!!
Ph: 865-436-3573