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Donations are needed now more than ever to keep this ball rolling in the direction of saving medical providers and patient rights!! Thank you one and all across the country who have donated so far!

We recently learned the FL Supreme Court has declined to accept jurisdiction, declining to take up challenge to FL PIP Law

Please don't even begin to think this is the end!! 

The fight to this point has been over nothing more than the injunction.

 In a way we are pleased that we are out of the FL Supreme Court and now free to move forward!

You will be hearing comments like "This case is now dead", "We knew they'd lose", "We knew the FL Supreme Court

wouldn't side with the group fighting this PIP Law", and other such negative comments.

However, our incredible attorneys took on this case BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED in YOU. You, a FL driver, passengers, injured auto crash victim who are or may be harmed by this law. They believed in specialized health care providers who treated muscle related injuries which are caused by auto accidents like nothing else and all without side effects!

Read below today's comments from Attorneys Luke Lirot

Printed with permission from Luke Lirot, Esq.

"While we are disappointed we are not surprised by the Florida Supreme Court declining to exercise their jurisdiction over this case. The disappointment comes from the fact that this was a very important public issue, but, based on years of experience in a variety of judicial exercises, it is seldom that an appellate court will exercise discretionary jurisdiction over a matter that is not yet final. As I explained to Mr. Elmore of the Palm Beach Post, "the standing" issue emanated largely from the fact that when we filed our lawsuit, we alleged a variety of different causes of action based on the constitutional rights of massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors, and that since the law had not yet gone into effect, we included the John Doe and Jane Doe plaintiffs simply to round out the full complement of who would adversely affected by this unconstitutional law."

To make a long story short, the appeal was based on a  preliminary injunction which was designed to stop irreparable harm, but issued at a very early phase in this case. We have an entire circuit court case to litigate, and we've been contacted by a variety of attorneys, primarily in South Florida, who have come to us indicating they have clients who would be interested in participating in our action. Based on this, I intend to go to South Florida as soon as possible and speak to these people and then seek leave from Judge Lewis to file and amended complaint that addresses ALL of the concerns articulated in the First District Court of Appeals Order. 

This case is far from over and we still seek as much support as can be obtained to continue this fight.

Unfortunately, both Adam and I have gone deep in the hole trying to maintain our efforts to keep up with our responsibilities the best we possibly can. This has had a detrimental financial impact on the other areas of our practice.

However, with that said, I'm still excited about getting back in front of Judge Lewis, but I certainly hope that people have not lost their fervor or become complacent in the eyes of these obstacles. I will keep you informed on any new developments."

Luke Lirot, Esq.

"This case will continue". The case, up to now, has been about the injunction by Judge Lewis". Mr. Levine explained that "about 80% of cases that go to the FL Supreme Court are not heard. This is not unusual and we are already taking steps to move forward."

Adam Levine, M.D., J.D.

I am asking again, for any auto policyholder, auto accident victim, health care provider including Licensed Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists and Chiropractors to please help us to help you, your family and patients by sending donations to the Donate Link above!



Think of it like this if you will..

If you had to hire an attorney to fight for your rights, your right to receive medical care of choice, or per your doctors prescription, or your right to work and be paid in your chosen field and to treat those who really need your hands- on therapy, or your rights to receive what you pay for in auto premiums, I think you would agree that the cost would be prohibitive. It would hinder your chance to make a difference in yours and your family's life and /or your future. However, you can now have the outstanding services of the BEST Constitutional, First Amendment Rights Attorney along with a dynamic Medical Doctor /Attorney all for a donation of just one massage therapy, acupuncture or chiropractic session. You will have no outrageous attorney fees, no contracts to sign, no obligations or efforts to put forth. If every one donated just this much it would guarantee our continued fight for your rights!

I PROMISE you every single dime of your donations goes to pay the attorneys with the exception of bank fees and this year's corporation and website and renewal fees. Up to now these costs have been at my expense (donations) for a very worthy cause; YOU and YOUR FAMILIES!


Several of us representing the FL State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA) and all of our members, to which I too have been a member going on 30 years and Insurance Relations Chair for 23 + years, have been walking the floors of the House, Senate and Capitol for the past two days (April 22nd and 23rd) as well as providing complimentary massage demonstrations in the Rotunda to anyone wishing to receive it as we continue our fight for your rights!  Again we are FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHTS and now We Are Calling for YOUR HELP!! 

We need ALL OF YOU to help us in our fight for the violated rights of all who been unfairly targeted in the FL PIP LAW. Trust me if we don't do something here and now it will continue as we are diminished to nothing more than massage back rubbers as was stated in a newspaper in 2012 by a FL Senator.

We promise to keep you posted on any and all of the latest happenings, as they happen, here and in emails. If you want to be on the PIP / Legislative Email update list just email me at: Add Me to Email List   type "PIP LIST" in the subject line: 


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Sincere thanks too to each of you who have already donated and to those of you who are continuing to donate on a recurring basis. You have no idea how much this means to these two attorneys!! THANK YOU!!!



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